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Social Media For Administrators: An Introductory Workshop

We are currently offering a new 60-90 minute workshop called “Social Media For Administrators.” It is designed to be an introductory guide for school administrators, and it is focused on how high school students use social media in and out of school. It begins with an overview of social media: which sites are most used by students, what kind of information do students post online, and how can schools use social media to promote a positive school culture. The next segment looks at how social media actually works: what’s the difference between a @ handle and a # hashtag, how do users tag each other in messages, and how do users avoid detection often in cases where they want to insult or harass others. The third segment focuses on how school administrators can control the conversations students are having on social media, especially in times of emergency or crisis. The fourth and final segment is focused on creating a protocol for administrators to follow including when to report issues to the principal, to the social media site, or to the police. social media 3