Send Messages To A Specific Member Group In Schoology

Schoology allows you, the teacher, to send messages to one or more entire groups within your class. Do you want to send a message only to the parents but not the students? You can do that. Do you want to remind your students to bring in a family photo for their Mother’s Day project but you don’t want the parents to see the message? You can do that.

s2I am a coach and I use Schoology as my web page for the high school lacrosse team. I post updates all the time, and they are viewable by everyone – students, parents, and the entire public. There are some messages that I only want to be read by the team members such as rules for riding the bus, and there are other messages that I want only the parents to read such as asking for volunteers to help with the end-of-the-season party. I can use Schoology to target messages to my specific audience very easily.

To send a message to one entire group:

  1. Go to the course in which you want to send a message (you can only send targeted messages one course at a time)
  2. Click on Course Options in the left-hand menu
  3. s1Click on Send Message
  4. Choose the group who will receive your message – Admins (teachers), Members (students), Parents, or All Members (everyone I just listed)
  5. Enter a Subject
  6. Type your Message
  7. Add files or URL links to your message (like a class syllabus or a game schedule)
  8. Click Send

When you send a message to an entire group it is treated as a direct message between you and each person. If someone replies only you will see their response.

Want more information? Go to Schoology’s Course and Group Messages page. You can also learn more about the parent features in Schoology by viewing their How Do I Use Parent Features In My Course or Group? page.