Storing Your Usernames and Passwords In One Place

If your high school is like ours, then your students probably have several different usernames and passwords to view their grades, check their email, store their documents, or download an app.  Who doesn’t forget their password from time to time? We all do.

One very easy way for our students to keep track of all of their passwords is to write them down once and then take a photo of them with their iPads.  Our school issues iPads to every student which makes this our best solution. Other schools might have their kids type their usernames and passwords into a single document and save it to their Google Drive account. The most important thing to remember is that the passwords need to be in a safe place where no one else can see them, and they need to be stored in one single place with a password or passcode that you will not forget.

Take a screen shot or photo of the following chart. Open the chart in Notability, write or type the answers to each of your accounts, and then save it someplace safe like your Photo collection, your notebook in Notability, or your Google Drive.

  Username /
Log In Name
School Computer Sign In    
Google Drive / Gmail Account    
Schoology Account (to access your courses)
Infinite Campus Account (gradebook)
Mastery Manager Account (for tests)
Apple ID (for downloading and updating apps)
Amazon Kindle Account (optional – to download 300,000 free books)
Public Library Overdrive Account (optional – to check out eBooks)