BigBlueButton: adding video conferencing for teachers and students

schoology big blue button 2Look for a big blue button in the bottom left corner of your screen the next time you log in to Schoology. This is a real thing: BigBlueButton is an online conferencing system that lets teachers host audio conferences and video conferences with their students.

During a conference, teachers can moderate the flow of the conversation by “calling” on a student which allows them to speak to the group, and students can even take control of the presentation. Students can also participate in a side conversation using the chat box. Documents can be uploaded and users can annotate on them live during the conference.

An interactive white board is also available where students can see what their teacher is writing on the screen and hear the teacher explaining the lesson in real time. Afterwards teachers can post a recording of the conference session to the class page so students can review it at a later time.

schoology big blue button 1

Learn more from Schoology on how to install BigBlueButton, an enterprise feature within Schoology’s learning management system.

You can also go to BigBueButton’s website to view tutorial videos to find help with video conferencing with your class.