Students: turn on “overdue homework” notification in Schoology

Keeping track of homework can be challenging for any student. Once an assignment is late it becomes even harder to remember because it drops off the calendar. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Schoology offers a way for students to get notifications if they miss their homework deadline. Turning on “Course Materials Overdue” offers multiple reminders of the missing assignment.

Turn it on by opening your Account Settings and choosing Notifications. In the section called Academic you will set Course Materials Overdue to On.  This will send you an email whenever an assignment is overdue. You also have the option of getting a text message sent to your phone.sch course mat 1

The Course Materials Overdue feature is a great way to stay on top of your homework, because most of us turn something in late once in  while. But what if you are still getting overdue notices from a class you were in last year? If a course has not officially been “turned off” by the teacher it will continue to appear in your course list and you will continue to receive overdue homework reminders. To turn off reminders from an old class, choose Custom in the Course Materials Overdue option.  You will see all your active courses, including the old course, and you will be able to turn off notifications from that old course.sch course mat 3
For more information on overdue notifications please read Schoology’s article, “How Notifications for Overdue Submissions Help Students Keep Up.”