Voice-annotate anything on your screen with Microsoft Snip

Microsoft Snip is new, free screen-capture software that allows the user to save the image as it is or add written and voice annotations to the image. The user draws a box around what they want to save. Snip opens a toolbar that allows the user to write, highlight, or draw on the picture.

Snip Editor

The best feature of Snip is the ability to add your voice to your annotations which plays back like a movie.  What you say and what you write play back in real time, so that the viewer can see the ink appear as you write and also hear your voice as you write. See this example of someone explaining to his friends how to get to his house.


When your Snip clipping is complete, you can easily share it via email or blog. Soon it will connect to most social media apps including Twitter.


Go to Microsoft’s new Office Mix website to learn more about Snip.